In-house activities

Regular activities: Business, project meetings and data sessions.

Within the project we hold regular meetings and data sessions.
Should you be interested in participating, you are very welcome to let us know. Also, should you be interested in organizing a seminar or workshop, giving a talk, or simply talking informally with us about your work and our work, send us a mail and we can organize something. Click here to see a list of all our past and upcoming activities, including our data sessions.

Ongoing and future events in Kolding


August 4 – 7 2015: We hosted the International Institute for Ethnomethodology and Conversation analysis conference (IIEMCA) 2015 in Kolding. For further information, see
April 16 – 17 2015: MOVIN MEETING, held in Kolding
March 13 – April 10, 2015: Weekly reading circle on Garfinkel’s Ethnomethodology’s Program, with HCA professor Ken Liberman.
October 6-7, 2014: The project hosted an international workshop with the theme ‘Knowing things: Objects, knowledge and interaction’. The 25 participants came from across Denmark and Europe. Presentations explored how people can ‘know things’, for what objects are, and can do, for example in how they are handled, perceived, responded to, or imagined. Presentations also considered how objects themselves can be understand and treated, through their features, affordances, or design, as somehow knowing, or as requiring or impacting understanding for activity, experience, and interaction. For further information, see pdf, or contact Maurice Nevile. A publication of collected studies is now being prepared from the workshop.
April 29-May 20, 2014: Reading Circle on Phenomenology with HCA professor Ken Liberman, Tuesdays from 14.00-17.00, S35, Kolding.
For information and texts, contact Johs Wagner.