Dennis Day

DDAssociate Professor
Department of Language and Communication[at]
(2014 – present)

I have a background in Linguistics, particularly Linguistic Anthropology. My research often combines Ethnomethodologically inspired ethnographic fieldwork with Conversation and Membership Categorisation Analysis.  A great deal of my work has been situated in multilingual workplace environments such as factories, engineering departments and universities in Scandinavia. As many members of the team, I too become involved in the Sønderborg Participatory Innovation Research Centre (SPIRE) and was cast into the world of industrial design as an interaction analyst.  Within Spire I worked, for example on hearing aid design, an ethnomethodological introspective study of a hard of hearing person and, together with Rineke Brouwer, conversation analytic studies of compliance  and of identity in audiologist-client interactions. I also worked with sketches as objects in design workshops. The abundant use of material objects in the design activities we investigated made us all too aware of how little is known of how objects are involved in interaction. For me, an interest in objects implies an interest in the body as I am most interested in how people touch, grab, and generally handle objects in interaction.



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