Julia Ruser

Research Assistant
Department of Design and Communication
(2014 – 2017)



In the project I take care of preparing data for analysis, basic administrative tasks, and maintaining the projects website. My background is in document design and communication with a Master’s degree in Communication Design from the University of Southern Denmark. My interests are document design and learning (& improving my skills in) design related software like Final Cut Pro, Illustrator, and InDesign. – Find more on LinkedIn


The largest part of my responsibilities is data preparation. This includes data collection, video, image and audio editing and transcription.Johs Truck3

  • Video – censoring, multiple angles, synchronization, subtitles
  • Image – censoring, sketching, multiplicity
  • Audio – censoring, enhancing

Software: Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, Handbrake, Photoshop, Illustrator, Audacity, Amadeus Pro

Transcribing & managing student assistants

When the video and audio data is edited, it needs to be transcribed. There are a few student assistants whom I thought how to transcribe in CLAN. Depending on the data, I give the data to the students or transcribe it myself, and after the students are done I proofread their transcripts.

Software: CLAN

Forklift trucks

Trucks-Multiple AnglesIn the case of the forklift truck project, I was involved in the data collection (when I was a student assistant). Then I got the position as research assistant and edited the forklift truck videos (synchronising and multiple angles). After finishing the videos I started transcribing (coding) them. The forklift data is a special case of transcription, because it is an action transcription where each action of the forklift has a code, each action is timed and coded.

Software: Final Cut Pro, CLAN


Mobile Labs WebsiteA couple times a year we have video editing and CLAN workshops. I teach the basics of video editing and how to transcribe in CLAN. I addition to the workshops I created written instructions available as printouts at the workshop and online as PDF to download. I also set up a website with video tutorials for Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro and CLAN. More tutorials will be added, depending on what is needed and requested. On the website I also provide a list of software and websites that could be useful for data preparation.

Software: Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, Handbrake, InDesign, QuickTime, WordPress


Maintaining and updating websites is another aspect of my job. I maintain this website and before and during the IIEMCA conference I helped maintain and update https://iiemca2015.com/. I created and maintain another website that is about software to facilitate data preparation with video tutorials, written instructions and links to software and websites. At the moment the main focus is on video editing in Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro and transcribing in CLAN.

Software: WordPress, Photoshop, Illustrator


I was the administrative head of the IIEMCA conference. As such I was involved in preparing documents, contacting participants, organizing gift bags, activities and check in to the conference. I managed the student assistants before and during the conference and made sure everything ran smoothly.

My further responsibilities were creating and updating the book of abstracts and the conference program, as well as updating and maintaining the conference website and Twitter account.

Software: InDesign, Photoshop, Excel, Word, WordPress