Conference, Design

PIN-C 2015

A number of our team are presenting papers at PIN-C 2015 (Participatory Innovation Conference 18-20 May 2015), The Hague, The Netherlands

Paper presentations

Jacob Buur & Agnese Caglio. Video sense-making with scale models.

Agnese Caglio & Mie Femø Nielsen. Stages in testing in the wild

Rachael Luck & Kristian MortensenNoticing objects within the home: Navigating a new dwelling with a video recorder

Koen Schellekens, Elisa Giaccardi, Dennis Day, Hayley Hung, Laura Cabrero Quiros, Ekin Gedik &  Claudio Martella. Impact of connected objects on social encounters

Nina Huijboom, Michelle De Lourdes Castañeda Quintero,  Helle Taanquist,  Johannes WagnerMoving in mysterious ways: Users’ responses to an expressive artefact