Johannes Wagner

JohsProfessor (Principal Investigator)
Department of Design and Communication
(2014 – present)


My background is in linguistics and social science and I have always been interested in the relation between language, action, and sense-making.  My focus on objects and their role for sociality came – as for many of my colleagues – from my involvement with the SPIRE project where engineers, designers, anthropologist, interaction scholars, business researchers and a forum theater group cooperated in researching user driven innovation.  I am especially interested in how people learn to handle larger and complex ‘things’ as e.g. cars or forklifts, what mastery of an object consists of and how it is acquired, and how people accommodate these objects to their specific needs and uses.  Currently I am working with Jeanette Landgrebe on a paper that describes how objects can be used as ‘props’ i.e. as something they are not but came to be in a specific participation framework.

For many years my research has been in Applied Linguistics where I have been interested in understanding the relation between using and learning a language.  Many of my early publications intended to empower the language learner communicatively and to control the interactional dominance of the teacher in the language classroom.  For some years I have worked in collaboration with Søren W. Eskildsen and Teresa Cadierno on ”Usage-Based Second Language Acquisition (UB-SLA)”, a project funded by the VELUX foundation 2009-2013. Søren and I have recently published about the coupling of specific linguistic items with specific gestures in L2 learning over time. In particular, we are interested in how gestures accompany learning of new vocabulary.

As an outcome of this work, we cooperate with several colleagues in Sweden, Iceland, Finland and Denmark on bringing what we learned about usage based language learning back into language teaching.  The project explores language acquisition in the wild and develops a locally adaptable method to bring language students into the community where use of the target language is a natural and everyday activity.  This project is a cooperation of interaction designers, language acquisition theorists, interaction researchers and language program specialists.



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